New Year 2020 resolutions

New Year Resolutions 2020 & New Me 

You as an individual always require a push, a motivation, a stimulus or a reason to start a new.

It’s a New Year, and many people will want to turn over a new leaf. That’s what New Year’s resolutions are for – to make improvements to our lives in some way.

A bank of New Year Resolutions, ideas is what you are flooded with, every last month of a year, to mark the beginning of a New Year. These resolutions give you strength for the upcoming challenges in the New Year that somewhere you are aware of.

Resolution is something which is purposeful, to be determined of, an aspiration, an aim, and it shows our firmness.

1. Health comes first: This new year 2020 prioritise your health so that the big fat hospital bills of 2019 are cut to nil or become low. So just follow the few steps given below   

  • Every day starts with a sunrise, so the most important thing is to be an early bird. Start your day early. I understand it’s tough for sleepy heads and lazy people, but condition your self every night while going to sleep and promise to rise early in the morning. Say no to Mobile Phones 1 hour before sleeping to nourish your sleep
  • Set multiple alarms 🙂 I Often do this. Though it irritates still I do it
  • Give 30-60 minutes to your body. Do gym, yoga, jogging, and brisk walk whatever you enjoy. Most importantly add “Surya Namaskar” to your morning exercise. You will feel the difference in a week. Start slowly….don’t exhaust yourself from day one
  • With all this workout have a healthy diet. A “must add” for the morning breakfast is a glass of juice made of carrot, beetroot, orange and half a pomegranate and enjoy the healthy juice

2. Quit bad habits: this should be yet another 2020 new year resolution for a new you. 

  • Try and say bye-bye to certain habits which give you happiness or relaxation for a short span and you regret later like Smoking and alcohol
  • The warnings given on cigarette packs and liquor bottles are absolutely true
  • If you are willing to quit smoking and are stern with your decision, take a tour to your doctor who can suggest various therapies
  • For alcohol, throw all the bottles of the same out of the house. Also, you can gift them to your bestie and make your own home alcohol free 🙂

3. Pursue a new hobby or skill: every new year is an attempt for a new version of your self. just keep increasing your hobby list every year and never stop learning.    

  • Pursue a hobby long hidden in your personal diary or deep within your heart. It will give you a feel of accomplishment. It need not be with an earning motive, but something you can just do in leisure time
  • A new hobby at times may be an outlet of stress. Like my hidden hobby is painting and this year I am adamant to start it and gift my self a new outlet to vent out my stress 🙂
  • Also at times, a hobby can provide eustress which means a positive kind of pressure/stress that makes you feel excited about what you are doing
  • Opt for a new skill set that can add value to your personal and professional life. For example: learn a new language, new professional courses etc

4. Set new financial goals: this is yet another new year resolution 2020, just to take care of your financials well so that you can save more money and have more fun trips. 

  • Be frugal, think before spending a penny, ask yourself  “will this add value to your life… Is this very much necessary
  • Set a target this year to free yourself from financial debts
  • Aim for short-term savings goals through RD’s, FD’s and Mutual Funds so that monthly instalments directly gets deducted from your account in a planned way
  • Open a bank account by the name of your child for his/her future


this new year 2020 Use more positive and encouraging words for your children.

  • Learning instead of failure
  • Prefer instead of hate
  • Curious instead of afraid
  • Advice instead of criticism
  • Unique instead of weird
  • Eager instead of anxious

In this New Year 2020 Learn a few things from your child 

  • Forget the past and forgive sooner
  • Be carefree and uninhibited
  • Be happy in any situation
  • Hold no grudges, but we tend to, so work on it
  • Fall, laugh and get going. Simply just move on in life whatever the situation be
  • Dream for a while without thinking of power, money and position
  • Change is the law of nature, so adapt easily and willingly
  • Be super ready to face your fears
  • Live for today but plan for the future too 🙂

2020 Resolutions for friends and family

  • Use phone less when with family
  • On weekends spend quality time with family and explore new things with friends
  • Make fewer excuses
  • Reconnect with old buddies
  • Give birthday wishes to everyone this year which many of us tend to forget due to our busy schedule

So to keep yourself focused, stay away from non-committal words, try not getting yourself worried about your healthy decisions, try and frame them in a way that you think you’ll enjoy.

May this coming year be a miraculous one for you and you abide by all the resolutions you make in the year 2020. All the very best for the coming year and wish you a very happy 2020.

If it doesn’t work this year, don’t worry. There’s always the next year 🙂


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