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Amazon Prime Video presents yet another stunning thriller web series Paatal Lok streaming from 15th May 2020 after Mirzapur: Indian crime thriller web television series; Panchayat: the Indian comedy Drama Series and Upload : American Web Television series.

Paatal Lok is produced by Clean Slate Films, Anushka Sharma’s banner. 

Directed by Avinash Arun  and Prosit Roy, Paatal Lok is a series where you feel eerie silence and the other moment where tables are turned, the clock is ticking and you find yourself biting your nails. Fidelity, Realism and some Ugly Truths are showcased by the directors in this series. They have strategically worked on the cast selection and rail after rail the way editing is done and story moves is fabulous and praiseworthy.  

Written by Sudip Sharma who is already famous for Udta Punjab, NH10, Sonchiriya and many more.  In the interview to “The Hindu” the writer said, “The basic idea for this series Paatal Lok is loosely inspired from Tarun Tejpal’s book, The Story of My Assassins. I also wanted to explore the Delhi police and the crime and investigation angle.” Also he says, “The huge inspiration then, has been the HBO crime drama series The Wire created by David Simon”.


The summary

Not every review can be a spoiler, so not revealing much about this Thrilling yet Realistic, Political, Crime, Drama Indian Web Series on Amazon Prime video which glued me to my couch, here I go. The story revolves around a middle class honest Delhi Cop (Hathi Ram Chaudhary) who has nothing much to do in his life but to solve small and ordinary cases. By chance he gets to solve an important case of a celebrated TV journalist (Sanjeev Mehra) who is to be murdered by 4 criminals specially (Hathoda/Vishal Tyagi). But the CBI catches them before they could attempt that plan. What is the reality behind this? Is a must watch.

During the case the Cop travels around the nation only to return as a confident, self-reliant and a totally new man.The rail of events is twiddling and grippy with some bitter and ugly truths which leads the inspector to the dark realm of underworld (Paatal Lok). Things are not as simple as they look because the strings one after the other go deep into the grassroot level tussles that showcase the political strategies.  

Language:- Hindi  Age:- 18+  

Star Cast

Talking about the star cast I can say that this thriller web series on Amazon Prime Video has a stunning star cast who have genuinely acted as per their roles and have done justice to the roles: from a very small role of an auto rickshaw driver who is brutally killed while he is helping the Cop, to the very dangerous role of Hathoda Tyagi whose performance without dialogues is just commendable. Jaideep Ahlawat (Hathi Ram Chaudhary) is at his best. We have seen him in movies like Commando, Gangs of Wasseypur and many more. Ishwak Singh (Imran Ansari ) has done pretty well. We have seen him in movies like Raanjhanna, Spectacle, Veere Di Wedding and many more. Neeraj Kabi (Sanjeev Mehra)has added colours to the role of a TV  journalist. We have seen him in movies like Samvidhaan, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, talvar, hichki and more. Abhishek Banerjee (Hathoda/Vishal Tyagi)the accused who tried to kill Sanjeev Mehra and jeopardized his own life. We have seen him in movies Rang de basanti, knockout, soul of sand, the dirty picture, and many more. No one else could have done justice to this role which Abhishek Banerjee did with his expressions. Then we have Gul Panag, Vipin Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Mairembam Ronaldo Singh, Jagjeet Sandhu, Anup Jalota, Akash Khurana, who have done their job with utmost sincerity and up to the mark. The casting has been excellent.

Highlights of the series are  

  • Playing of rap music in a village of Punjab
  • Religious misconceptions
  • Caste discrimination
  • Appalling life of a Transgender
  • Bad face of the local Politics
  • Actuality about Media.
  • Brutal murders which prepare your appetite to go through the series in the initial episodes but for the ones who don’t watch thrillers very often.
  • Animal love, especially DOG love which is the major highlight and brings a turning point in the journalist’s life.
  • Father-son tussle
  • An unspoken bond between husband and wife
  • A great and deep husband wife understanding
  • Use of the local language which requires a lot of *******

Coming to the technical details 

I cannot stop myself from praising the Story Writing ,ScreenPlay and Editing which need special mention for outstanding work. For, we all know the triumph of a series needs finest Editing and Casting which are the pillars of what makes us binge watch. 

  • Dialogues of the series are exemplary, fresh, real, and funny.
  • Camerawork is meritorious.
  • Background music is aptly suspenseful and the Rap song is befitted and goes well with the story -line


A masterpiece series (Pataal Lok on Amazon Prime Video) with ravelled details, balanced and professional performances, impressive casting, individual stories, human psyche with dark, harsh and ugly truth of media, love, friendship and relationships. Sheer brilliance on the part of the entire team. 

Just go for it if 

  • You are a fan of thrillers
  • You can tolerate a bit of hindu bashing 
  • You can bear an abusive language 
  • Over all a fresh series to binge watch during lockdown

The day the series was released, Anurag Kashyap tweeted that Paatal Lok is “the best crime thriller to come out of this country, adding that “It comes from the understanding of Real India. The dark heart of India, the communal and casteist India. But it doesn’t judge it…”.

If you have a different view please comment.


Rohan · May 24, 2020 at 7:17 am

Any one who likes this anti hindu, anti Indian web series is living in a fool’s paradise and is far displaced from truth. This is one yet another in umpteen number of attempts to malign the Indian way of life. It has shown various images which malign, Indian beliefs. Namely, the name of a pet is Savitri which is an epitome of religious virtue in Hinduism. It shows one character in a pervert act wearing a janeu ( sacred thread) around ears. Meat being eaten in Place of worship, mob attacks by safforn vlad individuals are yet another such attempts. In the end it epitomises Dog lovers as an excuse yo prove compassion and justify Tyagis butcheristic hammerism. Over all a z rated series at best avoided. And the reviewer needs to see the series from another angle where its a maligner of sorts….

Krishna · May 24, 2020 at 3:21 pm

A very simple and straight forward review. This is actually a binge watch series and is to be watched keeping aside castism and all the bashing.

Reema · May 24, 2020 at 3:23 pm

An apt review. A series with too much criticism but it should be just watched and enjoyed.

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