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P’s of parenting

The letter “P” becomes our companion ever since we become a Parent. Really, you don’t believe me. Come let’s find out.

As a parent, you are always entering into different phases of emotions which will last with you life long. Be it being in pain at the time of your child’s birth; be it being piqued when your child gets onto your nerves; be it being in peace when you see your child sleeping with a smile on his face; be it being petrified or perplexed. With these and many more phases of emotions, parenting goes on and on.

Parenting involves a whole life of two people right from their child’s birth till the time they are alive. Parenting is an uphill task or as many have said, “It’s a herculean task”. No one is born being a parent. Once you become one, you gradually learn. Yes, of course, mother’s are also one of the best source who guides you in parenting.  But, parenting should be by “believing on one’s gut.”

Let us be the parents who nurture happy kids and proselytize positive parenting ideas. Some ideas I have shared below, so let us make our children believe that being a child is not tough.

Below are few of the P’s which you can easily correlate as “companions of parenting.”

  1. Patience:

    Patience is the key to happy parenting these days. “Can we talk a little later” is much better than don’t talk to me. Being rude is not your type. Your child is one of a kind. He tests your patience every now and then. Believe me, your prompt response is a matter of acceptance or nonacceptance for the child and it shows your stoicism. As a parent, I have earned respect, empathy and self-esteem in my child’s eye just because of my patience towards him in every aspect. Make childhood of your kid serene and contented by being patient.      

  2. Power:

     Please, aptly use the word power, being a parent. When things get out of control you as a mother normally say,” Let papa come, he will see you.” Come on, you are just scaring your child. He will get frantic and terrified. Instead earn his confidence saying,” we will ask papa to help us out”. Gain his trust in you. Power can win hearts if used in a positive way. Do not scare your child and be a harsh parent.

  3. Peace:

    At times you want a silent moment with yourself and guess what, only that is the time when the chatterbox wants to play with you spend time with you. Obviously, you tend to get agitated. You shout at him, “Leave me alone”. But instead better way is to spend “a we time” and try out easy asanas of yoga with your naughty brat. I bet you will be refreshed and will enjoy the relaxation time with his funny action of trying to do yoga. Believe me, the innocence of your child will be your perfect breather.

  4. Positiveness:

    Create a positive attitude and also a positive atmosphere at home, which is very essential part of parenting. If done, your child will be ” happy, contented, gleeful, buoyant and joyous.” It will be seen on his face. It’s my personal experience. Never rebuke your child in front of others. This will leave an ugly impression on his mind for a lifetime. Your, not so terrified attitude with positive explanation on a nasty thing done by your kid will not embarrass him. Explain to your child when aloof, what and where he went wrong. Please don’t use words like stupid, nonsense, rubbish and many more for your kid. Mind you he is imitating what he sees and hears.

  5. Preparations:

    As a parent, one of your crucial job is preparing your child for anything and everything. Never discourage your child, after all, he is one in a million you have. Never show uncertainty in whatever he does. “After all today’s little scientist is tomorrow’s genius.” “You can try that with my help” is a far better statement instead of you will not be able to manage that yourself. Let the kid explore new things. Don’t stop him, please. Let him be on his own for few small things. The word NO is a really harsh one, I bet you must be knowing it.    

  6. Pride and Perseverance:

    I let my child have pride in whatever he does and never compare him with any other child. He feels like a gigantic elephant. His pride and confidence give wings to my parenting. My persistence is a reward for him. “You are unique do it your way, I will help you.”  is better than saying look at you brother and sister and learn. I have confidence in him, it’s my perseverance only which will give wings to his dreams. He is my pride.

  7. Pressure and Popcorn:

     As an adult, you cannot undergo any undue pressure and pop up like popcorn. Then, why do you expect this from your kid? Stop unnecessary pressuring your kid to be strong. You also weren’t strong when you were a kid. That needle did hurt you and that bruise did pain. So is the case with your little one, stop pressuring your kid to be brave. Just say, ” it hurts, you wanna cry, Come I will hug you” instead of saying you are a strong child. Do not suppress his any kind of emotions,it will pop up other problem like popcorns pop up.

  8. Punctuality:

    If you want your child to be punctual be a role model of the same. To be slow and to be late is not a taboo. “It is not bad to be slow, we will keep trying together” is better said than hurry up, why are you so slow and be on time. Never make your kid realise his flaws so bluntly. Remember he is still under the learning process. It’s your duty to rectify your kid, but not in a rude manner. Unworthy remarks often leave permanent marks on a child’s heart. He deserves compensation for being a kid. Make him believe that even if he is slow, someday he will be aptly punctual. This is just a phase and not a prerequisite as for now.

  9. Perfection:

    Till the date no one is perfect. Then why yearning your child to be one? “Its ok mistakes happen” is better than you are such a disappointment. Teach him to rectify his mistakes and learn from them without feeling guilty. Let your child be an avid learner.  Don’t send your child on guilt trips. Let him fall, get up and learn by himself to be perfect. Don’t spoon-feed your kid.

  10. Possibilities:  

    Parenting is always about experimenting and increasing possibilities. Make yourself believe that whatever style of parenting you adopt, it will always have possibilities of betterment for you as a parent and for your kid too. Once you believe this, you will automatically find out that you both go hand in hand well. “Let us do this in our new way” instead of high way or no way. Better it is to work together and do something new and creative and let way to new possibilities in your child’s development and your parenting style too.

If good parenting is a necessity then possibilities are always there. You should just have a broader perspective. So, I hope you agree on parenting and the 10 “P’s” go hand in hand.

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