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Stories for Kids

Your little munchkin learns a lot from stories. Moral stories are always inspiring and each story is learning for a lifetime. Bedtime stories are passed down in oral or written form and give wings to the imagination of your child. These short stories in English with a moral take your child to the world which is actually impossible.

Can a Monkey speak? Can a Lion eat the sun? Can a tooth speak? Can a spinach talk with you? Or can a house be made of chocolate? All this is fiction.

These simple “Children’s bedtime stories” are easy to understand even if kids read it on their own. Some are short stories for kids in English & some are long.

You will enjoy reading and narrating the same. Make sure you narrate the stories with a full expression of excitement, fear, happiness, and sorrow.

Short and Moral stories for kids in English


Story No.21 The Virus Monster

This kids story is to be read by kids preferably as it is written on the present pandemic 2020.  

In a far far away land there was a small kingdom ruled by a noble and a wise King, named Arthur. All the people living in it were happy. The king looked after his subjects well. The people under his rule were progressing well.

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A Virus Monster

Unluckily one day a demon called Virus saw the prospering kingdom. He was jealous. So, the demon decided to capture the kingdom and acquire all its wealth and riches. But what would he do with it? After-all it was just a virus. 

He laid a magical spell on the kingdom. He decided to kill the people and turn the kingdom into a graveyard. The spell clouded the kingdom. People started falling sick. Medicines were not working. People started dying. 

The king was really worried. He asked his advisors to search for the cause and find a solution to the spreading disease. Soon, it was diagnosed that the disease spread through a virus which by some means resides only in human bodies and spread itself through sneezing, coughing, touching etc.

free short stories for kids in English, bedtime Stories

A Virus Monster

Now the king thought of a plan. He made an announcement in his kingdom that nobody will come out of the house for 40 days. All the essential things needed, would be provided to the people in their homes. He said, “Be sensible to save your lives or you will be punished or you will end your life.” 

He announced that the virus lived inside peoples’ bodies and if all of them stayed home, the virus won’t find a place to live. It won’t have any food to eat and thus it will die. He announced that all the people would be called true warriors if they stayed at home and followed a healthy regime.

All the people loved their king. They obeyed him and stayed at home. They followed the proper procedure of self and home sanitization. They prayed for the well being of each other and took all the necessary precautions to maintain hygiene.

Now after 30 days the virus became restless. It didn’t have any food as it survived only on human bodies. It searched everywhere but there were no humans out. The virus was really weak and shattered. 

Finally, it fainted and died out of hunger in 40 days. 

The spell of the demon was broken. All the people came out of their houses. They were happy. They celebrated the victory of good over evil. All of them have proved that they were true patriots and the kingdom smiled again with the happy noise of children playing on streets. 

Story No.20 My dog my pet

This is yet another bedtime story for kids to read, giggle and learn.  

My dog. Its name is Bruno. He is my best friend. As soon as I come from school it comes running to me. One day I was sitting and doing my work. He came and barked at me and asked me to take it out for poop. O! What a well-mannered dog I have!!!

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My Dog My Pet

We both went out for a stroll. He was very calm and I was in a relaxed mood. Suddenly he ran as he saw a female dog. Both started playing and played for fifteen minutes. Then we returned home. It was a good walk after all he met his friend. 

As I reached home my naughty sister was standing on the door. Her smile was a very mischievous one. She shouted, “mom David did not do his homework rather he went out to play with Bruno” and giggled and giggled. 

I went to study. Did my homework and started playing with Bruno. We both were having a lot of fun when I realised he ate my maths notebook rather tore it apart into pieces. I was Shocked. I started crying and went to my mom and said, “mom Bruno ate my maths homework. That troublesome dog ate my notebook.” How will I go to school tomorrow? I will have to take a leave.  

When mom entered the room to see what happened, she was shocked to see the condition of the room. It was all topsy-turvy and what she saw annoyed her a lot. My homework book was near Bruno’s food bowl. Mom shouted won’t he eat it? I got a good scolding that day. I sat down whole evening and the whole night to write my notebook again. 

I learnt a lesson that during fun times with your pets you should take care of your belongings. Otherwise, your pet will also do what my pet did:- gobble and swallow your notebook or even if your clothes are out, they will tear them too. As you love the fun time so do animals.   

Story No.19 The last Survivors 

This is one of the best stories for kids in three parts to be read and enjoyed during this pandemic 2020…

It was 2 P.M. and the earth was half dead. All you could see were dead trees, dry flowers,

best short stories for kids in English, bedtime Stories

The Last Survivors: three Friends

along with countless zombies and monsters. Very few humans survived. Let us find out.

One day a boy named Tim came out of his tree-house to bring food. Yes, a boy of just 15 years. Till now he was the only survivor and his tree-house was saved from all terror attacks. A few steps he walked out of his house, a six-eyed monster was right in front of him. The monster caught him and was about to put him in his mouth, right then he quickly took out his cricket bat and hit on its big sharpened teeth, but alas! The bat broke. 

The clever boy without wasting any time with the same broken yet sharpened bat attacked on its eye. The mighty monster fell down rubbing its eye. Tim ran as quick as a wink and later on named that monster Blaar. 

After collecting food from the nearby shops he rushed back to his tree-house and tried calling Rack, his best friend and the second survivor till now who did not pick the phone up. Then Tim tried to sleep, after a while he heard trin-trin and picked up the phone and answered, “I will be at your place tomorrow”. He then started planning how to go to Rack’s house. His good luck was that while collecting food for himself he found a map of his town and the map indicated that Rack’s new house was in the west part of the town and there were many stone monsters there.  

The next day, he packed his bag with sharpened things and went to Rack’s house on foot. When he came closer to his friend’s house, he saw a rock monster. When he was about to turn away from that monster he could feel something bad, smelly and huge behind his back too. Oh my God, yes, it was another big rock monster. 

Both the monsters were roaring high and right then Rack came up Zip Zap Zoom with a rocket gun, flared at the monsters and asked Tim to go to his home. Tim opened the main gate quietly and entered Rack’s house without the zombies letting know. When Rack drew the monsters far away he came back to his home and said, “today we will stay here only and tomorrow we will go to your place; the tree-house”. 

What will happen next? How will they go to the tree-house? Will they be safe there?

Story No.18 The last saviours Part 2

Both the boys were safe at Rack’s place. They played, ate and slept. Then, next morning they were on their way to the tree-house in a modified car and on the way they sneaked into a video parlour and took video games. Both were excited as they did not have to pay money for the video games. “Some things really give ample happiness.” 

When they were halfway, Tim saw a friend with whom he had a fight and was angry with. They stopped the car and hopped out of the car and asked him if he wanted to join them. 

Yes, he was the third survivor, Jack. 

Instead of replying he ran with full force towards them and held the baby dragon by its feet and threw it away saving the lives of Rack and Tim. Yes, he was a mighty boy. 

And then said, “don’t say thank you.” 

Tim asked again, “will you come with us?” Come on, we will play video games and eat delicious food. 

Suddenly, they saw a monster of a horse size running towards them. The trio got scared and ran towards their car and hid behind it. The monster jumped over the car onto Tim, but it didn’t harm Tim, rather he licked him.

best stories for kids in English, bedtime Stories

The Friendly Monster

Rack shouted he is a friendly monster. Then Tim said, “I will ride till home on him.” Let’s do a race and they kept it’s name Jojo. Jojo and Tim came first. They all reached the tree house safely. 

Tim kept thinking about Blaar? If he comes we have to protect our tree-house. And to save the tree-house we have to make a village of guns. 

All of them geared up the next day and started making crossbows and fixed it on the top of the tree-house. Also, they fixed sharpened things to the tree so that zombies and Blaar would do no harm. They made a deep circle around the tree and filled it with water. The next day Blaar and some zombies found them and attacked them. They all fought with acid stones, guns, swords, bows and arrows. Jack was throwing a big balloon of liquid but nothing harmed Blaar and zombies. Then they attacked with a sharp hook which got stuck on Blaar and it hit the tree hard making Rack and Tim’s sword fall down from the tree with that jerk. It was a scary situation. Tim shouted all of a sudden, “I will jump and Rack you give me the sword. This happened as planned and Tim pricked it hard on Blaar’s eye, he fell down with a big sound thud… AlsoJojo and Jack were busy killing zombies. At last, they all won. Blaar and those zombies were dead. 

What next? Were they safe? Were they free from monsters and Zombies? 

Story No.17 The last survivor’s Final Chapter

 The celebration mode was on along with the repair of the tree-house search for more weapons and security cameras. Few days were calm and the trio along with Jojo was enjoying their life. 

Then one day Tim saw that many zombies came out of a hole. Jack said, “this hole was closed, somebody has opened it on the first day of the zombie attack.” Rack said, “I saw a monster who was neither a man nor a complete monster but could speak.” Tim exclaimed, “I heard my dad say that there are some keys to these holes, let’s find them.” So they packed their bags and off they went on their rides. While crossing many shops they saw a light coming from the diamond shop in a mall. 

They thought that the first key might be in the diamond shop as it was looking different and sneaked in the mall, saw many zombies. They had packed two big tins of acid, out of which they threw one on them, all zombies died and they went inside the shop to find there were three keys. They took the keys and went to the car. As they drove a little further, Tim looked here and there. He found a cave and in there was a bright light. They went into the cave and found a transformer zombie monster along with two keys. They had lots of guns and tried to hit it with the guns and also attacked with acid. Nothing happened. Then the transformer came forward and opened its sword and attacked them but they ran out of the cave and hid behind their car. 

The transformer couldn’t see them, they made a plan to kill it with a small packet of acid that was left. Jack quickly put the acid in the car’s engine and Tim drove the car right into the transformer and jumped out and the car, both the car and the transformer exploded and the transformer zombie monster died.  

Then they again ran into the cave and took the two keys. Now they had 5 keys with them. They neared the hole in another car and saw the man cum monster who infected all the population. Tim ran towards him and tried to hit him with his sword but instead, the half man half monster kicked Tim with his foot and he fainted. Jack and Rack ran as they got scared. When Tim woke up he was in a big room and saw the monster going outside. He got hold of the keys which were in his pocket and escaped from the room and without wasting time he threw the keys towards the hole.

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Half Man Half Monster


As the keys got inside the hole, the first monster half man half monster and other monsters started going inside the hole and the infected zombies were changing back into humans. The hole closed and the population came back to normal. The destruction ended and there were no more monsters and zombies.  

Everything was slowly getting back to normal and everyone praised the three boys and the trio missed Jojo as it had also vanished in the hole. 


Story No.16 2 Parrots and an old Elephant

This is one of the best stories for kids with an unusual ending. Scroll and read.

free short stories in English for kids: bedtime stories for kids

Parrots and the Elephant

Once there was a mamma parrot and a papa parrot living in a jungle. They lived on a big tree with their little ones. Mamma parrot was very sweet and papa parrot was very naughty. Along with them under the tree lived a giant and an old Elephant. The elephant could not find anything to eat. Many times he slept hungry or he got food from mumma Parrot but it was too less for him. 

The elephant remained very calm but the moment he saw any hunter he would run with the speed of a Cheetah shaking the whole jungle. Every animal would hide with their little ones as the land would rumble and rumble. 

One night when the jungle was calm and cool breeze was blowing, the elephant heard an engine sound. He raised his trunk and shouted out loud and started running as he feared the people would catch him and take him to a circus. 

The jungle rumbled and mamma parrot came out and saw the elephant running. Papa parrot went near the elephant and said do not run dear elephant they will do no harm. But the elephant did not hear, he ran until he got tired and then stopped to find that he had come very far in the jungle.

free short stories fro kids in English, bedtime stories

Parrots and the Elephant

The elephant forgot the way back home. He missed the fragrance of mumma parrot’s food. He missed the chirping of the baby parrots. They were his companions and he had realised it now. 

On the other hand, mumma parrot missed the elephant every time she went out of the nest to get something. She started keeping food for the elephant in a separate vessel thinking he would be back soon. But days passed by and the elephant did not come.  

One day papa parrot said to mumma parrot, “ I will go and find him.” Before mumma parrot could say yes, papa parrot flew. He flew for two days and then on the third day he saw some animals running here and there. 

Bingo! He exclaimed, “ I found you, elephant”. He went down and sat on a tree. He laughed for a while looking at all the animals running and then he saw a truck in which the elephant was caught and was being taken away. Tears rolled down his cheeks and papa parrot flew down to the truck and from the window saw the elephant crying. 

He bid the elephant bye and said sorry I cannot help you. The elephant’s fear came to be true. Yes, he was caught and the parrot could do nothing. Papa Parrot flew back to his home and narrated the story to mumma parrot. Mumma parrot cried and cried and did not sleep the whole night. 

Story No.15 My imaginary Zoo: 

All animal lovers do read this short story for kids which will give wing to your imagination. 

Hooda was a naughty boy and an animal lover too. One day his dad took him to a nearby zoo. He was over-excited. As soon as the zoo gate opened excitement could be seen on his face.” It is going to be a fun tour here”, Hooda said to his dad.

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An Imaginary Zoo

 He saw Lions, Tigers and their young ones. He saw chimpanzees and huge elephants too. Panda was rare to find but yes, he had a glance for a while. The fishes were oh! so colourful and bright, some were big, some were too small yet they survived. He also saw the elephant show followed by the dolphin dance on a tune very familiar. 

The day went so well. He thanked his dad and they came back home happy. 

Next day he did not come out of his room. When dad came to check him in his room, dad found that there were papers all over the floor with drawings of different animals. Hooda exclaimed in excitement, “dad I have written a small poem, can you please hear it”? 

His dad sat on the couch and the naughty brat started.

There were lions, there were tigers and black deers too 

Also, big elephants and giraffes, don’t you know? 

I’m not any more afraid to go to the zoo 

As long as the animals are in a cage and ignore us too …

A grumpy bear did I see which was so much dear 

I heard a dog which said bow-wow, I love you to the bear…

 A cat that meows all day long looked so cute

I saw a sheep that says baa-baa, the sound was like a flute….

The little pig says wee-wee I am not anymore meek 

I saw a hen that says cluck-cluck, and gave a weird look….

 Then I saw a cock says cock-a-doodle-do please get up you

Where shall I wander, last but not the least, said the Goosey, Goosey, Gander… 

And then I saw a funny bunny 

Nibbling a big carrot ready to gobble it in its small tummy….

This is my poem, as I create my own Zoo family. 

Dad rose up and clapped and hugged Hooda. Then father and son spent the whole day together talking about animals, their dwelling places, their young ones and the sounds they make.  

Story No.14 Nakul and the five sense organs

A long long time ago lived a prince named Nakul. He was a very lazy boy. Being a prince he was over pampered. He never used to get up early in the morning. He didn’t even brush his teeth properly. He used to take bath once in two days. He never used to listen to his mom, the queen of the kingdom “Maharani Shakuntala”. He never attended his archery classes and was never attentive in the head guru’s class. He just loved playing with his friends.

Nakul’s mother, “the queen” used to narrate bedtime stories with good moral to inculcate good habits in him. One night the queen was unwell. She was unable to narrate a story, so Nakul slept all by himself.  

He was half asleep when he heard someone whispering. He got up, but to find no one. He slept again, but the voice became more audible. He got scared. He tightly closed his eyes. The voice became more clear. It seemed as if it came from somewhere near him. He gathered all his courage and opened his eyes. To his surprise, he saw the five sense organs floating in the air in the room. They were arguing with each other as to who is the best and is Nakul’s favourite. Nakul was surprisingly astonished.

The ears came close to him and said, hello Nakul, “I am the best.” What do you say? Pushing ears back tongue came close to Nakul and said, “I am the best and your favourite.” ain’t I? Nakul was confused. But sooner did he understood the fight between the sense organs. Then, eyes took the charge and said, “stop shouting, Let us tell Nakul what are we good at and let him decide who is the best.”

So, they began, eyes started off, “I am the best ain’t I. See Nakul, you see the world with my help. You see the beautiful flowers, the green grass, the animals and everything and anything near you. Please, take care of me. I help you see everything. So I am the best.”

Nose said, “No I am the best. I help you smell things. I help you differentiate between good and bad smell. You smell food first and then eat it if you like it. Please take care of me as well. I am the best, ain’t I.”

Ears, “Nakul what is the use of seeing things when you can’t hear a bit. I help you hear different sounds. Just imagine you are in your garden watching birds, but you can’t hear their chirping. What a plight! When mom is narrating a story imagine you can see her lips move but you can’t hear. Oh! How would you feel? So I think I am the best of all.”

Tongue interrupted and said, “I help you taste what is hot and cold and what is sour and sweet. You speak with my help. So I guess I am the best. Tongue said I let you express what you feel to others. Need I say anything more. Ain’t I the best.”

Lastly spoke the skin, “I protect you from the harmful rays from the Sun. You can feel things with my help. I guard your muscles, bones and internal organs. So, I guess I should consider myself as your favourite.”

Nakul kept quiet for a few minutes but the tussle between the organs went on and on. Then Nakul asked them not to fight, as they all were his favourite. He could live a happy life only with all the five together. Suddenly all the five shouted and said, “then why don’t you take care of us?” “Why don’t you keep yourself clean and take bath regularly?” said the skin, the ear, and the nose. “Why don’t you brush your teeth and clean me along, said the tongue?” “Why don’t you get up early and walk on the green grass for me to live long with you, said the eyes?” Why, why, why… Don’t you. He got up. The dream was an eye-opener. Next morning he got up early went for a walk, followed by exercise and bathing. All were happy with him in his palace. He became one of the most inspiring kings of his time, who was strict with his regime.

Story No.13 Jiggy the giraffe and magical tree

Jiggy the giraffe was a beautiful giraffe, who was her momma’s favourite. Among the tower of the giraffes jiggy was the youngest. All lived peacefully in “the tower” that is the group of giraffes called.

One day Jiggy went out with his friends to fly Kite. All started flying kites. The sky was looking very colourful. Soon the sun went down, it became dark. All had a great day and returned home happily.

At night Jiggy sat down with her mom and said, “ I want to eat the highest leaf of a tree. I wish I was big in size mom”. Every day she prayed to the Lord to increase her height.

After a week the whole tower went for a picnic. All the friends played a lot of games like bat ball, hide and seek, hopscotch, kho kho, skipping and jiggy’s favourite badminton. While they were playing badminton the shuttlecock got stuck on a tall tree.

Now the question was how to bring the shuttlecock back. Kate jiggy’s friend said, “ We should make a pyramid and try and reach the shuttlecock. The lightest in weight that is Jiggy would be on the top.”

So, as decided they started making a pyramid which imbalanced many times, but they did not give up. After many trials say for about an hour and a half they decided to give a final try or lest they would leave the shuttlecock to the tree.  

This time the pyramid lasted for a few minutes and Jiggy was able to reach the shuttlecock. As she moved away from the branch of the tree after picking the shuttlecock, she found herself stuck between two branches. She got scared and shouted, “ I am stuck, the tree is not leaving me.”

Every first laughed. But sooner they realised what a mess Jiggy was in. To add to it, the pyramid broke. Now Jiggy was there alone, her neck stuck into the branches. The children tried to make the pyramid again and set her free. But all in vain. Now they called for the elders. All became worried. It was about to get dark. The elders were also not able to do anything. The night became denser, the sun rose and again the night came. Two days passed by, Jiggy was still hanging onto the tree and everyone was worried. Other animals of the jungle were called for help, but no solution came up. Then all of a sudden Kate shouted, “ look at Jiggy, she is coming down. But .. but … see her neck it’s getting long”. Within a few minutes, Jiggy’s feet touched the ground. She freed herself.

“Now you are the tallest,” said Jiggy’s mom. The good Lord listened to your prayers. Yes, mom, it’s a miracle. I will eat the topmost leaf of any tree now. Thus she became the first one of the Giraffe with the long neck. After that, all the Giraffe’s hung on the same tree with the help of Jiggy and became like Jiggy. They considered the tree as the magical tree.

Since then all giraffe’s have a long neck.   

Story No.12 Huddy..The desert ship

Huddy, a naughty camel was the only son Mumma Camel and papa Camel who were the head of the clan. He always used to irritate and disturb his cousins and elders of the herd. One fine day, the herd was travelling to a find a cool place to spend a few days safe from the scorching summers. The Sun was overhead. Days passed by, but the clan could not find a suitable place.

The camels in the herd became very thirsty. They ran for water here and there but what they saw was just a mirage.

Suddenly the sandstorm started. All the camels survived the storm because Camels have thick bushy eyebrows to prevent sand from blowing in their eyes. Also, they have three rows of eyelashes to stop any stray grains from falling in the eyes. To complement more their nostrils can be closed to prevent inhalation of sand and thick fur lines on their ears prevent sand getting into the ears.

Huddy was very thirsty after the storm. He got separated from the herd. He wandered here and there for water. But all he saw was also just mirage and small insects near some dry bushes. He started getting frustrated. While walking for yet another day he found nothing.

Huddy felt really weak. On the third day, he by chance met his herd and all were happy to see Huddy. Billy said, “where is your hump,  where did you lose it.” Huddy got scared, “I have it, I have it”. “See, see”, he said. But when he saw his shadow the hump was nowhere. He started crying loudly. Billy winked at all the members of the clan. All kept quiet.

The clan took Huddy a few miles back to the place where they drank water and ate food. Huddy was looking much better now. After a few hours, he stood and looked at his shadow. He could see his pride the humpback on him. He jumped with joy and shouted,“ I have my hump on my back now I can survive for many days.” I have stored water in my hump. To this mumma camel said, “ the hump was there on your back the way you looked at your shadow made the difference.” We all were pulling your leg the way you do with all of us. All laughed aloud.

Momma told him, “ We Camels don’t store water in the humps. The hump is actually a reservoir of fatty tissue. It acts as a source of energy and yields more than 1 gallon of water for each 1 gallon of the fat that is converted. Our kidneys  and intestine are able to hold water and because of this ability we can live in a hot and dry climate without water for days.”

Story No.11 How Creepy the cockroach got wings

A father cockroach, a mother cockroach and their daughter named Creepy the cockroach lived in a mud house. Winters were approaching. All were working hard to gather food for the next six months. Creepy being a baby cockroach stayed at home. One day she asked her mom, “Why can’t I fly?” I want to fly like some other cousins. Mom laughed, “Hey it’s a nice dream Creepy, “we don’t fly”.” “We are different from others”, she said and went out. Creepy did not stop thinking about her dream.

Time passed by, Creepy grew big. She helped her mom in household work. One day, Creepy went out in search of food on her own. She was scared but she still went on and on. She reached a small pond where she found a honey bee caught under a stone. Creepy freed the Bee. As soon as the bee was freed she turned into a fairy. The fairy asked Creepy her one wish which she wants to be fulfilled right now. Creepy did not take time and exclaimed with joy, “I want wings to fly forever.” She was overexcited, the fairy chanted some mantras and with a wink of an eye, Creepy had beautiful colourful wings. She was very happy. She thanked the fairy and flew home.

Everyone was surprised by seeing Creepy with wings. “ At last, your dream is fulfilled”, said her mom. But how? Creepy told everyone the story. From that time onwards Creepy helped everyone in food gathering from far off places without getting tired. All were happy and from then on Creepy was considered the head of the food gatherer clan.

Story No.10 Lion and The baby monkey

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The Loin and baby Monkey

Once there was a lion in a jungle. All animals were afraid of him. He used to kill and eat, any animal that came near him. Within a few days, he was left alone. All animals started living on the other side of the jungle and were very happy. The lion realized that he had no friends to be with. He was all alone.

One fine morning a baby monkey by mistake went near the lion’s den. The lion first roared loudly, but then that roaring turned into a welcoming gesture. He happily led the baby monkey into his den. The king of the jungle played with the baby monkey and both became friends.

After a few hours, the baby monkey returned home and told everyone about the lion. All were very happy with the changed nature of the lion. They all returned to their homes and lived happily together with the lion in the jungle.


Story No.9 Fisherman and the stranger

One day a fisherman was passing by a river. He was sad as he could not catch any fish for dinner. Suddenly, he saw a fish in the river. He was happy and started catching the fishes with the help of a fishing net. He was unaware of a crocodile in the river.

Stories for Kids, English Stories, short stories in English with moral, bedtime stories for kids

The fisherman and stranger

The crocodile came and pulled the fisherman along the net into the river. The fisherman got stuck in the net. He cried for help. A stranger was passing by. He heard the cries of the fisherman. He jumped into the river with a sharp knife which was in his bag as he was a cook. The stranger went deep into the water and cut the net with his sharp knife. The crocodile was about to attack them but both quickly swam out of the river. The fisherman thanked the stranger for saving his life. He gave the stranger a few freshly caught fish.

They both became good friends. Within the next two days, they put a board along the riverside ” beware of the crocodile”.


Story No.8 Dojo and the White Kingdom

Far far away, in a snowy land lived a princess named Celio. Her parents were kept in the prison by a  monstrous chief named Saga who was at present ruling her kingdom. She was always quiet and lived in a hushed room. She had no friends to play with. She longed to see her parents.

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There was one soldier in the king’s army named Dojo who was very loyal to the king. He thought of setting them all free. He made his own army and attacked Saga, the monstrous Chief.

He was very badly defeated in the first attempt. He tried again and again with a much larger army. But was defeated at every attempt. Dojo thought of leaving them to their fate. But then, the people of the kingdom assured their support and asked Dojo to fight against Saga for one last time “believing in unity”.

Remembering all the good deeds, the generous king did for his kingdom, Dojo said,” yes”. The whole kingdom was now with Dojo. They fought the final battle. Many of his men got killed. But, they all fought till their last breath and won.

The king and the Queen were set free from the prison. Saga was imprisoned for the lifetime. The princess was happy and cheerful again. They all lived happily ever after. Dojo was now the new chief of the kingdom.



Once Aleena was having a discussion with the food items, as to which food items should be kept in her fridge. “Which food items will last for a long time in my fridge?” She asked herself. Every food item voted for itself. But, Soft drink being her favourite she voted for it. The soft drink was happy. Ice Cream and Pastry too being her favourite she voted for them. Both were delighted. Frozen food also her favourite she voted for it and in return frozen food said,” thank you”.

Stories for Kids, English Stories, short stories in English with moral, bedtime stories for kids

Stories for Kids

She was delighted to see her fridge filled with her favourite food items. When she was about to close the fridge, she saw vegetables were sad seeing soft drinks, ice-cream, pastry, and frozen food smiling for being her choice.

Spinach got angry and said, ” Aleena wait and watch at last you will come to us only.” Aleena being a child did not understand. The time passed by, she every day ate her favourite food.  Vegetables were the least ones she used.

Her mom used to scold her and force her to eat veggies but she didn’t care. One day she had a severe stomach ache. It was very painful. She was taken to a doctor who asked, ” What did you eat.” She said, ‘frozen food and a soft drink.’

The doctor gave her bitter medicines and ordered her to say no to junk food. At last all her favourite items were out of the fridge. Only greens were to be found in the fridge. Spinach said with a big grin, ” here is my soup for your healthy life.” Drink it and live long.


Story No.6 The black tooth bug :

Once upon a time, Riya a beautiful girl of six years was having a faint pain in her tooth. She tried sleeping but in vain. She was half asleep when Suddenly, she saw a black monster coming out of her tooth, it was a tooth bug.

He was laughing aloud. Other teeth got scared. The black tooth bug was jealous of other teeth. He said to them, ” One day you will also decay like me.” Why asked “one of white tooth”. the black bug said,

“Riya never brushes her teeth twice a day.

She eats a lot of sweets.

After eating the food she doesn’t gargle at all.

She doesn’t use a small toothbrush with soft bristles.

Also, she doesn’t  brush each side of every tooth and the gums.”

Are these reasons not enough for you to decay like me? I am the first one to change colour. The tooth bug was feeling really bad. He started sobbing and slowly started crying. He cried so much that the pain in Riya ‘s tooth increased and she got up with a loud cry.

Stories for Kids, English Stories, short stories in English with moral, bedtime stories for kids

Take care of teeth

It was a dream, she realized. Her parents gave her the medicine so that the pain would subside. She narrated her dream to her mom and promised her that she will take care of her teeth well. Also, she will do brush twice a day, every day. She murmured to herself, “Thank God it was a dream”.  I will go to the dentist tomorrow and get my tooth fixed. “From now on none of my tooth will cry not even in my dreams”, she said to herself.



Story No.5 Healthy food :

Rohit, a 7-year-old boy did not like to drink milk. His mom was very worried about his health. Rohit just liked to eat junk food and he drank a lot of soft drinks, but not milk. One day his mom decided to tell him about the food we should eat.

She asked Rohit, “why  should we eat different types of food?” Rohit said, “As it tastes good and is yummy.” And what else asked mom, “nothing said Rohit”. Then, mom explained “every food item has qualities that are necessary to stay fit and healthy. So we need to eat different types of foods.” “There are three types of food on the basis of quality”, said mom to Rohit.

a) energy giving food includes rice, sugar, potatoes, butter, ghee etc. these food items give us the energy to play and work.

b) bodybuilding food includes soybean, milk, egg, pulses, paneer etc. these food items help us to build our muscles and bones, also with the help of these food items we grow tall and strong.

c) protective food includes fresh vegetables and fruits. These food items protect us from diseases and keep us healthy.”

Stories for Kids, English Stories, short stories in English with moral, bedtime stories for kids

Eat Healthy food

She paused a bit and asked Rohit, “Do different types of  junk food and flavoured soft drinks give you all this?” “Will you be able to fulfil your dream of being a soldier by eating a lot of junk food?”  This made Rohit realize that healthy food is very important and he quickly asked his mom to give him a big glass of milk. Also, he promised his mom to eat green vegetables and pulses every day. MORAL: EAT HEALTHY FOOD FOR HEALTHY LIFE




Story No.4 The three dresses and the festivals

Mom and Rima went shopping in a big mall. Being a kid, she loved the fun city part of the mall the most. So, she insisted her mom take her to different swings and rides like the sky race plane ride, car ride, playhouse and many more on the kids’ floor.

She enjoyed a lot there with her mom. While returning she was full of excitement and fun. Then both of them entered a kids shop which was inaugurated a day before. There were a variety of clothes. Some festive wear, some very vibrant, some colourful pink and red frilly frocks,  while others were white velvet frantic long frocks, red and blue colour salwar kameez. Some more traditional clothes and some unique casuals with classy designs.

Rima was so excited about being in between the colours that she wanted to buy many clothes of different colours. She became stubborn about taking maximum clothes. Her mom being smart, bought her three best pairs of clothes by explaining to her the importance of new clothes for the upcoming festivals.

A traditional bright dress for Diwali: Mom explained to her the importance of wearing new clothes on Diwali as it reflects the brightness and happiness on this day. Diwali is the festival of lights. So we wear new but traditional clothes.

The casual wear for bhaiya dooj: Mom explained that bhaiya dooj is a pooja we perform for our brothers. And whenever we do a pooja we first need to take a bath and then wear new clothes and get ready to perform pooja.

Her favourite Santa Claus dress for Christmas: “Jingle bells jingle bells …. A Santa dress for the Santa of our house. Mom exclaimed with happiness.” So that you can spread love and happiness to your near and dear ones and your friends too.

Rima was very much convinced by her mom.

In a very jovial mood, she was back in the car and back to her home.


Story No.3 The 3 little puppies:

The school van stopped in front of the Heaven apartments. Rohit and Meena got down from the van. The van waited until both of them crossed the road. As they were entering the society gate, they heard weak whimpers from behind the bushes near the society gate.

Stories for Kids, English Stories, short stories in English with moral, bedtime stories for kids

3 Puppies

They went near and saw three tiny little white puppies. They were lean and weak and could hardly move. Mera looked here and there for their parents, but she couldn’t find anyone nearby. Around 200 meters away Rohit saw a dog lying unmoved, he understood something must have happened to the dog, either some accident or might have died due to starvation.

Rohit said,” we will take these little puppies home.” But Meena told him, “mom won’t allow”. So they both decided they will try and convince mom to keep the puppies at home. Until then they will take care of the puppies. They went home and had their lunch.

Post lunch, Rohit said, “mom I have some work, I am going to my friend’s place.” Meena gave him a packet of milk to feed the puppies. He went there and with help of the guard on duty, he fed the puppies.

In the evening, they told their friends about the puppies. All made a team and took a pledge to take care of the puppies. They built a small home for them. Now, every day they fed the puppies with food, water, and milk. Days passed by, the puppies started gaining health and became active.

Within months they were grown-ups. Now the puppies could find food themselves. But still, the children gave them food, milk, and water. The puppies are now seen playing with those children, at times inside the society playground or at times outside the society gate but under the observation of the guard.


Story No.2 The Sun got lost :

The sunlight was dazzling. The sun was crowning the sky well. It gave a big grin to plants, animals, people, and birds. All were happy to have the sunshine so bright. Suddenly within a few minutes, the sun was nowhere to be seen.

Short stories for kids in English, Bedtime stories for kids

Lion story

Everything seemed to be gloomy. No wind was blowing. There was silence all over. Deer came out running from behind the thick trees, “Oh, how dark it is! he whispered ”. Peacock and Spider came next, “Oh how gloomy it is, they cried”.

Woodpecker came and said, “the sun is inside the lion’s mouth”, I saw while I was returning to my nest. Everyone was shocked. They rushed to the lion’s den. Zebra started sobbing “please leave the sun, its very dark”, but the lion did not care. All were afraid of the ferocious lion.

Honey bees shouted, “bring the sun back”. All animals howled outside the lion’s den. The Sheep said, “let us go to the fox, the cleverest amongst us”. All animals reached to the fox and begged the fox to save the sun from the Lion.

The clever fox agreed. It went to the lion, “hey, king of the jungle, the whole jungle is your home. You can eat anything and live anywhere. You are so powerful. But I guess you must be tired. It’s been days you didn’t sleep well or take rest as you were busy hunting food”.

Let me help you, the king of the jungle. Let the slave-like me hold the sun. I have a feast for you behind the rock. As soon as the Lion smelled the meat he opened his mouth wide to roar and out came the sun like a wink of an eye. It was a bright day again. So, all thanked the fox for its cleverness and were happy.

Whenever it’s dark and you don’t see the sun remember this story and believe that the sun is in the lion’s mouth and it is an eclipse for you.


Story No.1 Rio and his chocolaty world

“Rio its bedtime”, said mom. Rio came hopping and running to the bed. Nighttime is storytime for Rio. Mom narrates very interesting stories to him every night. But tonight was different. Rio had some other plans. As soon as they were in bed, Rio hugged his mom and said,” Mom today I have a story to share. Today I will make you sleep. Before mom could say anything Rio‘s mouth was wide open, with cute excitement in his eyes and he started off. I am a prince mom, you and dad are the queen and the king. We have a very big kingdom.

Short Stories for Kids,Moral stories for kids,Bedtime stories for kids


Our castle is made from dark chocolate and dairy milk chocolate. Only our beds are white in colour made of a milky bar. Ours is a very blessed kingdom. Shin-chan and Nobita are my best friends and Doraemon and Spiderman are my rides. I have lots of friends. We play for the whole day. There is no office for dad. He is happy and is always tension free. There are no mobile phones, so moms are always playing with their children. “And he giggles”.

There is no fight for money. Everyone has their own land for agriculture. Some have animals. Some have small shops. All are happy. My friends always come to my castle and eat lots of chocolate from anywhere and everywhere. The best part is chocolate grows itself again.

It’s a magic world too. There are no bad people. All are safe and happy. There are only good and beautiful fairies. Mom interrupted and asked,” Where are the schools in the story.” Rio was like mom,” its a story and in that, I am very much educated. All my friends and I are very intelligent.”  He then continued.

Then one day I get up and see you and dad have become old and I have grown up into a handsome prince. I get married to a girl named Silvia who is the princess of the junk food world. All chips, soft drinks, different types of cakes and fried food were served in my marriage. All my friends had gone crazy in my marriage. It was a fantabulous marriage. She became the princess of my chocolatey world.

“How is my story mom”, asked Rio. Mom was speechless. She just hugged Rio and said, “ super cool”. Off to sleep, they were. Rio had a very sound sleep that night as his imagination was appreciated by his mom.


CONCLUSION: The above stories are free bedtime moral stories and are just out of my imagination. Please give your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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